Document Imaging and Scanning Solutions

Access Mission-Critical Documents Faster
Improve Document Security & Accountability
Enhance Disaster Recovery Ability

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Bulk Document Imaging


Image-On-Demand Scanning

Onsite Imaging

Onsite Imaging

Offsite Imaging

Offsite Imaging

Secure Image Hosting

Image Hosting

Document Access

Access your documents and records without the need to install special software. Simply open up your preferred browser, visit our website, and click retrievals.

Fast, simple access.

Document Security

Rest assured, your electronic documents are safe with Docufile's state of the art security measures. These include Thawte SSL Web Protection, 24/7 offsite video surveillance, biometric access control and a host of other industry leading security measures.

Safe and secure.

In today’s fast-paced business environment quick and easy access to information can mean the difference between success and failure.

Frequently used documents need to be accessible within seconds, from various sites, simultaneously regardless of their format. Paper to digital conversions using Docufile’s imaging solutions enables efficiency and risk benefits to be realised whilst maintaining security, compliance and cost-effectiveness.