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Document Imaging and Scanning Solutions

Iron Mountain offers the widest range of document imaging and scanning solutions

No matter the size of your organisation, Iron Mountain has your document imaging and scanning needs taken care of. We offer customisable and scalable solutions to meet your unique needs.

The Benefits of Document Imaging and Scanning

  • Reduced Cost Per Scan – For organisations needing to digitize large document and records archives, our bulk document imaging and scanning service offers a reduced cost-per-scan.
  • Greater Accessibility – Whether you choose to host your scanned documents on your own servers or make use of our secure image hosting services, you will have greater access to your records.
  • Better Organisation – With multiple indexing options, your documents and records will be better organised and easily available. Search functionality makes finding specific documents or records a breeze.
  • Improve Customer Service and Employee Efficiency – Faster access to your documents and records means you will be able to access customer documents that much faster. Not only will your staff be more productive, but your customers will love your new super-fast service.
  • Environmentally Friendly – No need to print or copy documents to give multiple people access. Digital documents make sharing faster, cheaper and look after the environment.
  • Free Up Office Space – Bulk document imaging and scanning allows you to free up valuable office space as your paper documents can be disposed of or sent to an offsite storage facility depending on your retention schedules.
  • Secure Storage – Documents and records that have been scanned can be stored using Docufile’s Image Hosting solution. This makes access easy but ensures your organisations information is protected from unauthorized access as well as disasters.
  • Reduced Costs – Cost reductions come on many forms. These include reduced in-house storage and stationary costs, time savings due to improved document availability and reduced paper and printing costs.
  • Security – Once digitized your documents can be protected using access control systems and secure communication links as well as comprehensive administration options that allow you to control permissions, reset passwords and add or remove users.

*Some benefits are available through individual or combination add-on services, which include Image Hosting, Secure Document Storage, and Secure Document Shredding.


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