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Image-On-Demand Scanning

Cost-Effective Scanning using Iron Mountain’s Image-on-Demand Solution

Your organisation’s documents and records are its lifeblood. Unfortunately, these documents and records tend to grow in volume over the years and they can create quite a challenge for your organisation in terms of administration, storage, accessibility and security. Iron Mountain’s Image-on-Demand can assist you with this challenge when it comes to your most important records.

When it is not possible to digitize your entire document and record archive but you still need selected records available in electronic format, Image-on-Demand (IOD) scanning solution is your answer. IOD allows for highly selective scanning on a pay-as-you-use basis.

Key benefits include:

  • Highly selective Scanning
  • Cost Effective
  • Ease of Retrieval
  • Web Based Retrieval

Image-on-Demand Benefits

Highly selective Scanning

Our Image-on-Demand scanning solutions allows you to be highly selective about which documents and records you scan.

Cost Effective

Since you no longer need to digitize your entire document archive you reduce scanning costs while still preserving highly valuable documents.

Ease of Retrieval

Iron Mountain’s Image-on-Demand service make document retrieval a cinch. You can safely store your document archive with us and scan selected documents and records that need to be retrieved from time to time.

Web Based Retrieval

Retrieving your documents can be done easily through your favourite web browser. No need to install and learn complicated software programmes.


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