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Offsite Imaging and Scanning

Fully outsource your scanning with Iron Mountain’s Offsite Imaging option

When it comes to document imaging and scanning, Iron Mountain offers many great options. One of these options is Offsite Imaging and Scanning. Selecting this option means all your documents and records will be processed at one of our secure bureau facilities. We have professional imaging and scanning bureau facilities throughout South Africa.

Some of the document processing benefits you will enjoy include:

  • Document Sorting
  • Removal of Paperclips and Staples
  • Preparation for Scanning and Indexing
  • Availability of Specialised Scanners
  • Experienced Personnel

Offsite Imaging and Scanning Benefits

Document Sorting

Document sorting is no small task. Most organisations simply cannot afford to have their staff off post for extended periods will they sort an organisations records. Iron Mountain simplifies the process by offering a fully outsourced offsite scanning option.

Removal of Paperclips and Staples

Scanners do not take kindly to paperclips, staples, and similar items. It is therefore necessary to carry out the often painstaking process of removing these objects prior to scanning. Iron Mountain’s offsite imaging and scanning service takes the pain of this process away.

Preparation for Scanning and Indexing

The process of scanning your organisations’s document archive is that much smoother and faster when it is organised and documents have been properly prepared. Our offsite imaging option makes for a smoother scanning process.

Availability of Specialised Scanners

Making use of offsite imaging means a variety of scanning devices are available to scan almost and size document. High document volumes can also be easily converted into digital formats.

Experienced Personnel

Another major benefit of offsite imaging is that of experienced personnel. Our scanning personnel are trained in the use of a variety of scanners and the handling of important documents and records. Their experience also allows them to process and scan documents much faster than untrained personnel.


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