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Onsite Imaging and Scanning

Want to keep an eye on your scanning? Iron Mountain’s Onsite Imaging solution is the answer

For those organisations who want to or need to keep an eye on the document scanning process, Iron Mountain offers a convenient Onsite Imaging and scanning solution.

You have the option of a fully outsourced or self-managed scanning solution on your premises. This option includes scanners and Iron Mountain’s imaging specialists to manage the process and operate the scanners. You also have the option of using your own employees to managed the process and operate our scanners.

Some of the benefits of onsite imaging include:

  • Documents remain onsite
  • Self-managed or Outsourced
  • Closely Monitor Imaging Process

Onsite Imaging and Scanning Benefits

Documents remain onsite

With our onsite imaging option your documents can remain onsite. This can be useful where document volumes are very high or organisation security protocols require that documents remain onsite and monitored. Also there is no need for transporting documents to our scanning facility as we bring our scanners to you.

Self-managed or Outsourced

Even though all imaging is done onsite as your premise, you still have the option of outsourcing the scanning or self-managing the process. Iron Mountain can provide scanners and experienced operators or you can make use of our scanners and let your own personnel handle to scanning process, the choice is yours. 

Closely Monitor Imaging Process

An obvious advantage of our onsite scanning solution is that you can monitor your documents and the process of converting them into digital formats. This means you can have peace of mind knowing that the conversion is managed the way you like it and all your own security protocols are followed.


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